Publication design and edited by Meg McLennan

Control is the outcome of a collaboration between Meg McLennan and Leela Schauble. Stills are from Schauble’s video and sound installation Northern Veil, a work created during an artist in residency program in the Arctic Circle.

Layered between these images are black ‘veil’ forms extracted and extrapolated from each video still. Printed on thin 45gsm paper, these pages physically articulate the concept of the veil, each page turn further enacting the concept of obscuring and revealing.
       A shift from white to grey paper stock visually and tactilely demarcates the two discrete interior space of the book. Printed via Risograph, the second chapter provides context for the Northern Veil series, focusing on the artist’s sensory perception of place and the rigorous safety processes and procedures that mediated her experience of exploring the alien and inhospitable Arctic environment.

Documentation by Meg McLennan